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Short video about a little girl called Molly who is struggling with her emotions. Molly and her family moved house and Mum, Dad and her school are worried about her. After a talk with the school about how they can work together to support Molly, they decide after a meeting with a Play Therapist that this would be the most appropriate intervention because Play Therapy would give Molly the opportunity to express her emotions and feelings in a safe place through play. Ideal for education, information sharing for fellow Play Therapists when working with others.

This is a story about a little boy called Tommy who was adopted at 18 months due to his birth parents not being able to meet his needs both immediate and  long term. On Tommy's journey pre to post birth Tommy has been exposed to many adverse experiences and is finding both the school and home environment difficult to manage. Tommy displays clear signs of distress as he becomes dysregulated. Mum & Dad decide to reach out for support and receive therapeutic parenting on their own and with Tommy. The story helps understand Tommy's muddles stemmed from his early life traumas in an easy to explain way. This story would be helpful for adopters, foster carers, guardians, professionals, therapists and anyone who has an interest in this area.

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