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       Life Story Books

Your life, Your story

Traditionally, children who are Looked after, adopted or living with a family member receive a Life story book that helps to give the child an understanding of the reasons why decisions were made in their best interests.  Moreover, the book is written from the perspective of the author and may fail to include the voices from all those involved in the child's life. The book may also contain inaccurate and missing information, that fails to acknowledge the child's early life traumas that may leave the child with a sense of confusion and unanswered questions.  

Children and young people have a right to their information contained and held within a factual container narrating the why's ,when's, where's, who's and what's of their life history, to enable them to psychologically grow within.

However, at times children and young people are placed for permanency without their life story book and sometimes the child's life story books lacks coherence and factual information that is inappropriate to use. 


I specialise in this area of practice and have developed training,  preparation and the construction of life story books for children and young people and seen as a trusted and recommended consultant in this area. An example of my Life story book was recognised during a Local Authority inspection by Ofsted and rated as Outstanding. I also complete or update life story books that may be inadequate enabling children to have a factual account of their journey. 

I also compose moving on books, a valuable and much needed tool used in conjunction with therapeutic sessions to help the child/young person understand the next stage of their journey.  

Delivering information to children and young people can be difficult. I offer bespoke packages to individuals and groups;  preparation and training to adopters, foster carers and family members to enable them to have a starting point and feel more confident within, when delivering the information contained within the life story book.

I have written Life story book practice guidance and checklist which will be available on this website shortly.

Please contact me for further information. Fees will be discussed at point of referral.

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