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'Let me listen to my story, for the jour

              Therapeutic Life story work

I hold a Diploma in Therapeutic Life Story Work (TLSW), listed as a registered provider on Therapeutic Life Story Work International (TLSWi and as a registered provider with the Adoption Support Fund.

How is TLSW delivered?


In practice, I adopt an extensive integrative model underpinned through creative arts,  thereby supporting and enabling to deepen and develop a more safer attachment relationship between the child and their primary carer.  Working within a triad relationship, this approach helps the child, young person or adult to understand the why's, when's, where's, what's and how's of their life history from perspectives of those that have been involved in their life pre to post birth. The process can help understand how the past has moulded their past but helps to enable and shape a more positive future. 

How does it help?

The process helps not only the child/young person to have a deeper understanding and acceptance of their life history and a more positive and healthy self-identity but also their primary caregiver. They understand that it is ok to have muddles and begin to show a shift becoming more open and less afraid.


Children/young people can become less pre-occupied with questions and fantasy thinking because they have been able to hear the stories. They are often calmer and more focused in their thinking and behaviour.

Through the process the relational bond between the dyad mproves, they become to share a level of acceptance and a deeper understanding of each other’s thoughts, feelings and behaviours. 


Bespoke TLSW

I also offer bespoke targeted Therapeutic Life story work sessions to meet the needs of the child/young person/adult such as preparing them for their journey, understanding why decisions have been made and helping them to make sense of specific life events. 



Fees will be discussed at point of referral


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