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What happens?

During our initial conversation, part of the process will be to discuss the reasons why you feel Theraplay could support your family.  Together we will decided if this is the most appropriate therapeutic intervention. Part of this process will be to gather a holistic picture of your family, your concerns and also explore with you if you are receiving any support from an existing service.   

The next step would be to undertake an observational assessment between you and your child. This consists of completing some play based activities completed between you and your child, which forms an assessment of how best to support you and your family. 

Following the observational assessment, a bespoke programme of play based activities are structured that are aimed at enhancing your parent- child relationship. All activities are informed by the Theraplay Institute . Part of the process is to help and support you to consider your child's holistic needs and empower you as an agent of change within the relationship.

Sessions are between 30-40 minutes in length.  

What to expect
How does it help?

In comparison to talking therapies, Theraplay is effective because it is play based as opposed to language based. For example, it can help children/young people who have experienced a number of difficulties. 

Please see for further information. 

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