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Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Informed practice

Attachment focussed family therapy is where the aim of the therapist is to help to improve the parent/child relationship and work towards building an emotionally secure relationship. Attachment focussed family therapy is heavily influenced through the work of Dan Hughes model of therapy. Laura is a practitioner becoming certified in DDP and receives clinical supervision with a DDP clinical consultant.


Autplay Therapy is a play and behavioural therapy approach to working with children. young people and their parents affected by  autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. It combines the therapeutic powers of play therapy, behavioural therapy, and relationship developmnet  approaches together in a collaborative model to assist children and young poeple in gaining needed skills and abilities. 
Play & Creative Arts Therapy

Play Therapy supports and helps children and young people  to understand their muddled feelings and make sense of experiences that they are unable to verbalise. Rather than having to explain painful feelings and memories, play therapy helps children to communicate their words through the power of play at their own pace within a safe and contained environment.



Theraplay is a child and family therapy used for building and enhancing attachment , self esteem, trust and joyful engagement. The principles of theraplay are based on the natural patterns of a playful, secure attachment with parent and child. Laura has trained in the principles of Theraplay® and group Theraplay® (Level 1/2) and is currently working towards further certification with the Theraplay® Institute.

Therapeutic Life Story Work

Compared to the traditional practice of Life Story Work, Therapeutic Life Story Work (TLSW) is an approach that involves supporting the child to revisit their past alongside the child’s primary carer.  TLSW works from an attachment perspective incorporating  interventions that enable the child and /young person/adult to make sense of their history in a safe and contained space.

Life Story Books


Children have a right to their life history, to help them understand their past and why important decisions were made. Life story books are a must not a need, they allow a factual narrative to be seen and not hidden. Life story books need to be drawn from multiple perspectives portraying a rounded approach to the child's life line.

Parent-Child Attachment Play


Parent-Child Attachment Play (PCAP) is a programme for primary carers. The PCAP practitioner works with the primary carer to develop child-oriented play skills and encourage the carers ability to contain the child in positive ways such as strengthening the attachment. Once these skills are in place, the practitioner helps the primary carer set up a short, structured playtime at home with the child supported by the practitioner.  

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