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'Creating Connections for emotional wellbeing'

Training & Development

I offer a range of experiential training and workshops such as:

Direct Work practice with Looked after and adopted children/young people

Child and Therapist

The voice of the child/young person is an integral of Social Work and professional practice. Would you like to build on your knowledge and skill set, expand your toolkit to enhance your communication and decision making through the use of experiential activities and exercises in this one day workshop. Please register your interest. 

SandStory Skills® Practitioner Training

sand story skills.jpg

SandStory Skills® is a soft, gentle and creative tool designed in mind, to support those who are not therapeutically qualified to support the emotional wellbeing of children, young people and adults in their care. At its core, SandStory Skills® offers an approach that brings the powerful elements of sand, symbols and story telling together, combining a sense of enrichment, allowing time and space for those to 'tell their story'. 

SandStory Skills® can support those who have experienced many difficulties, helping to give a voice, to help make sense of thoughts and feelings that too often can be difficult to verbalise.  You may recognise the value of listening to those with whom you work with and notice the importance of having a robust toolkit that allows you the freedom and choice to support others.  Whilst SandStory Skills® is not a therapy, it is however a safe and gentle approach that integrates structured sessions, ensuring safety, responsibility, respectfulness and recognition of professional boundaries within roles. Please register your interest.

Introduction to Play Therapy

Playing with Wooden Alphabets

This one day workshop is designed for those wanting to know more about Play Therapy through a short introduction of the history, the therapeutic benefits of Play Therapy, followed by experiential activities. Please register your interest.

Therapeutic Life Story Work

Boy Drawing

This intensive three day training is intended to take you through a journey of the theory and underpinnings of therapeutic life story work. This training will offer a deeper understanding and leave you with confidence to explore this approach safely in your practice. Please register your interest.

Life Story Book workshop

life story book.png

This one day workshop will support you to understand the importance of life story books and how this important piece of work is vitally important for children and young people who live outside their birth family. It will include experiential, practical exercises on how to construct a life story book. Please register your interest.

Sibling assessment training

sib ass.jpg

This one day workshop will cover aspects such as the legislative framework and messages from research. How we assess the needs of the individual child and also the sibling group. This workshop will integrate experiential activities that can offer you a more enhanced toolkit. Please register your interest. 

Telling workshop for adopters and prospective adopters. 


This one day workshop provides gentle ways of sharing and helping their child understand their life story through the application of creative arts, play and other techniques. If you are an adopter or prospective adopters or an adoption consortium please register your interest.

mandala natural 1.jpg

Mandala workshop

Mandalas are the key to the soul, the whole self, representing connections between our inner and outward projections. In the workshop we will bring together an understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of Mandalas and experiential opportunities for designing your own. Please register your interest. 

Make and play workshop

make and play.png

This one day jam packed workshop will share ideas of creative tools that can be used to engage children and young people. Allows you to experience these for yourself through activities. Please register your interest.

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